Guide To Use Floor Jack And Jack Stands On Vehicles

Any vehicle you use will have a floor jack and jack stand in its dickey ready to be used when the situation demands. So what are these exactly? How do you use it effectively? Read on to know all you need to know about floor jacks and jack stands. When you get a floor jack or jack stand, always make sure you get high performing products like the jegs performance products 80006. Recently, also published an article regarding making the right choice while purchasing a floor jack and jack stand.

Floor jacks are used to lift up the vehicle for repair works below the vehicle. While jack stands are the ones that will help you keep the vehicle propped up after lifting up the vehicle using a floor jack. After lifting up the vehicle using a floor jack and making it sturdy and strong by the jack stand, the jack can be removed from beneath. Again, the vehicle should be tested for sturdiness before you begin working on the car. Knowing how to use jack stands and floor jacks make things easier for a driver, and he/she need not keep asking for passer byes for assistance. Here is how you use these tools properly:

Lifting Up The Vehicle And Fitting Jack Stands
Parking The Vehicle:
For this, you should have a floor jack, jack stand and four chocks ready to be used near you. First and foremost, make sure you always park the car over a solid strong surface before you begin your work. A flat concrete surface would be the ideal option. If that is not available, at least make sure that the surface is free of any debris and is strong enough. Only then the jack stand would stand firmly to allow you to work beneath the car.
Always make sure you never work on a soft surface filled with dirt or grass. This can lead to casualties, and you might end up seriously injured. Another important point to be noted is that you should always use the parking brake while parking the vehicle to work on it.
Using Wheel Chocks
Wheel chocks are to be placed on either side of the wheels at the end of vehicle you will not be working on. If you are going to lift up the rear part of the vehicle, then place wheel chocks on either side of the front wheels. The wheel chocks help in ensuring that the vehicle will never roll off while lifting up one end of it. Especially in cases, you work on the rear end; there is a greater chance the vehicle gets rolled on the front end. A wheel chock ensures this won’t happen.
Testing Floor Jack And Jack Stand
Before beginning the work, always test the floor jack and make sure there are no defects in it. Test it using your foot and also hands. Make sure it engages and disengages properly. Test whether it can be raised up and can be released properly. Also, test whether the handle of the jack stand works properly.
These are some of the points to be taken care before working on a vehicle using floor jack and jack stand.