Olympic Weight Sets For Power Training

Olympic weight set is an excellent equipment to practice weight lifting. The basic part of an Olympic weight set is a weight bar or barbell. Have a look at 300 lb Olympic weight set to get an idea of how they look like. Olympic barbells are two types, for men and women. The difference lies in the standard weight of each.

Olympic bar for men
The usual weight of men’s Olympic bar is 44 pounds or 20 Kg, and their length is 2.2 meters or 7.2 feet.44 pounds along with the weight plates is considerably heavy. According to www.fitday.com use of such an Olympic bar for power training can bring good results.

Olympic bar for women
Olympic bars for women and men are almost similar in their looks. But the ones for women are shorter and lighter when compared to the other. The length of women’s bar is 2.01 meters or 6.6 feet, and the weight is 33 pounds or 15 Kg.

Bumper plates
Bumper plates are large weight plates made of rubber. They have the extra benefit of being tougher and stronger when compared to normal weight plates. They can be easily stored anywhere and do not require so much space. Bumper plates are easily portable.

There is yet another feature of bumper plates which makes it comfortable for you while lifting the weight. If you suddenly feel the need to drop weight, you can drop them without any fear if you are using rubber plates. Instead, if you are using the traditional weight plates, you are sure to break the floor and sometimes the equipment also.

The bumper plates are available with color codes which make it easy for you to choose the weights during your workout. You do not have to take time reading the weights written on them; instead just pick them up based on their color. If you choose one color for one side of the bar, pick the same color for the other side also to achieve a balance of the weights.

The only worry about the bumper plates is that they are not very cheap. But it is worth the price you pay for them because they are sure to last very longer than their cheaper alternatives.

Another part of an Olympic weight set is the collars. Collars are nothing but simple clips used on both sides of the bar, and their function are to keep the weights in place. They are usually made from metal as the weights which they have to hold are very heavy. However, plastic made sets are also available in the market though they are not used widely.

Try them!
Nowadays many people are using Olympic weight sets instead of traditional barbells. This has made weight set essential equipment in a gym. Regular training using weight sets are sure to make your body fit and powerful. A large number of diverse options are available in the market. Genuine reviews are available on the internet. Study them and choose the best one according to your requirements. Use them rightly! Be fit and powerful!